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Mario Monti do you believe what he say? Is he saving Italy? Has he improved your life? May be as a member of the Bilderberg Group he does what he is told to do by the power of be

THIS Is a letter sent to Mario Monti which has not been responded. may be he is too busy appearing on TV or giving interviews to agencies around the world or ensuring the Bilderberg group is appeased, or the EU. An unelected minister who when he speaks is like Chinese torture

Follows letter:

12 December 2011

On. M. Monti
Presidente Del Consiglio
Palazzo Chigi –
Piazza Colonna, 370 –


I write to you (copy to the President of Italy) in English, as I am sure you can understand it, and for me it is the language of choice.

I will make a premise, I do not have any political affiliation, and in actual fact I detest politicians, especially the Italian ones, who for years have systematically worked at destroying this country to fill their pockets. I am Italian but worked and lived abroad for over 40 years, and not in the stereotypical Italian jobs. I have travelled and managed large multinational around the world.

I want to comment on the so-called manoeuvre to “save Italy and the Euro”. Firstly the fact you called a press conference on the day you announced the package at 19:00 to talk to the Italian public. You did not present your self on television till 20:00, this is impolite especially as you did not apologise for the delay, this was pure arrogance. The preamble speech was patronising and a badly delivered sermon, the sort of speech, I expect from a second rate priest and not from a Prime Minister.

I like to draw on the fact, you discussed your ideas, firstly with Merkel ad Sarkozy and the EU presidency, before presenting them to the Italian people. This proves the German and French are more important than the Italian people, and then you have the audacity of denying this to a journalist who questioned you on the matter.
Article 1 of the Italian constitution, La sovranità appartiene al popolo, che la esercita nelle forme e nei limiti della Costituzione, this mean that Italy is a sovereign state not run by the EU or France or Germany for that matter
Are we Italians with a President who has maintained some credibility for Italy through these dark years, or have we gone back to the days of the Duce who had to talk to the Fuhrer and get his approval at every move? It seems so? As for Sarkosy he is no better than Petain.

The proposed manoeuvre, any one with the basic knowledge of math, could have done what you have proposed. The excuse of bringing credibility to Italy, just removing your predecessor would have achieved this, then “doing something” and “not talking” would have brought the spread down and “calmed” the market until the next target was found by the speculators.

Sorting out the pensions was the only proposal which made some sense, the rest of your measures are no more no less than squeezing whom have paid and always pay taxes. But this is to be expected by a group on financiers and bankers. People who have never had to try to find the rent at the end of the month or decide to pay the electric bill or put bread on the table. 

I bet you and your team has no idea what it means to run a household on less that 1,000€ a month, assuming you have a job. I bet your team has never had to hold several jobs to get enough cash to pay a bill. Tears, by your pension ministers, are like the actress at the Oscars giving the performance of her life, not impressed, weak and feeble.

Yet again we see the people who have never contributed or contributing, the people who evade the system will continue to evade it. But of course you are taxing boats, planes, helicopters etc, assuming these are registered in Italy. Do not insult our intelligence. You have proposed any transaction above 1,000€ have to be done electronically, therefore the banks will earn even more from charges (already exorbitant, amongst the highest in Europe, and you are adding a tax on current account as well), is this the way you repay the banks?

These measures are what a banker, a professor or financier would came up, all theoretical nothing practical, but you do not have practical people in your team, you have talkers not doers. A question, your time at Yale did they not teach you anything, like keeping points concise when delivering a message You and all of your ministers said a lot of nothing, and Passera when he spoke was suffering from verbal diarrhoea.

What you have all achieved is to deliver a punch in the stomach of the Italian populace, you might have gained the confidence of the speculators but lost that of the Italians. You might be able to lecture students but you are unable to communicate to people. The aloft attitude, talking down at people in a patronising attitude, show pure arrogance and detachment from the real lives of the ordinary people. You are more in symbiance with the tax evaders than the taxpayers, the last you make them walk the Calvary whilst the first are given the red carpet treatment.

The re-introduction of the ICI under a difference guise, the tax is not a problem, always assuming every one pays for it. By this, I mean every one, especially the casts who are exempt and pontificate about equality and charity, the bank and insurance companies are also  protected.

In your speech there was no mention of eliminating the cast systems, example the notaries, lawyers and all those people who have their business “protected” by secular laws, which are not in line with modern business, or don’t you teach this at the Bocconi? This is protectionism, or is it because aside bankers most of the ministers are lawyers? When the tax returns are completed they show lawyers earning pittance, like dentists I seem to recollect the “studi di settore” show very interesting earnings statistics from these untouchable casts. We should look no further for tax evasion.

No mention of ensuring minister in Parliament set an example and have their wages reduced in line with general managers, they do not even deserve this for that they do. They have not been touched, their precious benefits system is maintained, but your are tinkering with the provinces, what you needed was force and courage, what you have shown is weakness and limpness.

Neither you nor your ministers have been elected or their jobs being advertised, I find extremely unprofessional. The excuse: “we have to be quick” does not hold water, irrespectively any of these people would have to give notice to their place of work, which could vary between 60 days to 6 months, consequently “not available immediately”, this begs the question; did the government “buy their contracts”? If so how much has this cost? Why or what criteria was used to recruit them? Were their friends (meritocracy Italian style), did they come from a highly recommenced source: a colleague, a “relative”, from a cast or lodge, or what ever mean? This does not show transparency.
Surely with millions of people unemployed, in Italy. I am sure, we could have found equally capable people, therefore we have to deduce, You have used your network to impose on us “your friends and acquaintances”, we have had no choice of selecting neither we have had the opportunity of seeing the selection procedure.
Your arrogance in the matter reflects the choices. Not only this is also reflected in the choice of remedies: protect the banks, insurance and financial companies. Surely the “we must be quick” “only 10 day to save Italy and the Euro”, seems to emulate only a perceived time scale not an actual one. The EU lives on Biblical time scales protracted at infinitum to justify the existence of the EU.
I read the new EU treaty with the budgetary control will only be ready by March, may be this is urgency EU style. Where days are actually months and years will translate in millennia, the system where people's talk is directly proportional to how little they do, but capable of producing mountains of paperwork.

I take up another point of “saving Italy”, Italy can be saved by the Italian people, not by “going to bed” with the EU and having diktats or treaties imposed on us. Treaties, which change the fabric of society, should and ought to be voted by the people outside and not an un-elected Presidente del Consiglio. We have been imposed the EU constitution which has far reaching ramifications outside the Italian constitution. I do not recognise the EU constitution and never will, it has been drawn up by people who I cannot refer or confer to. It has been drawn up by Eurocracts who have vested interested in imposing the control of the EU over us. George Orwell was right in his book 1984.
I am well aware of the Rome treaty but I am also aware it was also called the EEC very different proposal to the EU or federal Europe, as many Eurocrats want to call it.

I do not recognise the fact the EU will control our budgets, when we cannot control theirs, a note: the EU had an agreed budget of €120.7 billion for the year 2007 and €864.3 billion for the period 2007–2013, representing 1.10% and 1.05% of the EU-27's GNI. For producing WHAT exactly? For contributing to what precisely? For achieving what?
Italy contributes to the EU, 116 Billions Euro, and receive 70 Billion consequently a loss of 46 Billion, and this should be value for money? The sum 116 Billion Euro could balance our books or bring them close to balance, we call this economic sense? If this is the model you have used to teach economics, I pity all the students you have taught, this business model is incomprehensible, not demonstrable as working and hugely wasteful, but acceptable in the corridors of the EU as “normal” as long as the people accept or are treated like mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed manure). Just ask yourself why do we have 3 presidents in Europe, the great USA has only one, is it because we can do things better? Nonsense, like pigs with their noses in the trough.

When was the last time the EU has had a budget verified and approved by an independent body and not the European Court of Auditors? Why has the EU an ever increasing budget and are unwilling to control their expenditures, a simple example why 2 parliaments, surely this is an utter waste of time and money, but this appeased the French and the Belgian.

To close this letter, next time you speak, you are not lecturing your students in class, but the Italian people. After 30 seconds your monotone delivery shows you are unable to deliver a message, inspire and motivate people, probably this is what Merkel and Sarkozy or Van Rompuy and Barroso or Draghi appreciate, boredom bordering on nausea.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt when you were imposed on us, by Napolitano, but anything was better than Berlusconi, unfortunately you have not inspired me on the contrary you have irritated me, you have not motivated me, you actually de-moralised me. The lecturing, I found patronising, we are grown up people, not a bunch of “nodding donkeys” who will follow a dangling carrot.

You have reflected your privileged upbringing by ensuring the privileged are protected and continue to be protected, whilst the ordinary people will continue to be squeezed, I advise you to read history you might find it interesting, not learning from history you will do at your peril.

Yours sincerely

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